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T-Mobile Prepaid
Nokia Lumia 710 Windows phone from T-Mobile

T-Mobile has a great range of prepaid phone that can be purchased from T-Mobile stores, Supermarkets and electronics stores. T-Mobile has always had good phones. Some of their above average, including the Samsung Exhibit II and the Nokia Lumia 710 these phones is not on other prepaid companies.
The Nokia Lumia 710 is the best Windows mobile hat is on prepaid, and I would recommend this phone above all other phones.
T-Mobile advertises that it has the biggest 4G network in the USA, but for the purposes of reporting facts, it isn’t actually 4G, but instead it is their fastest version of 3G that they say is faster than other real 4G provided by companies like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T.
T-Mobile Prepaid also has a good range of really basic phones that are around the $20 mark that are surface to get the job done.
Given that T-Mobile and AT&T is the only GSM technology networks in the states these phones are also the only phone that can be unlocked and used with other countries.
So what is the coverage like? The coverage isn’t fantastic, but it has got every city in the USA covered, which is a bonus if you are only traveling from airport to airport, many people that live out in country area do say that the coverage isn’t the best, and would opt for AT&T or Verizon.
T-Mobile is pretty easy to spot when you’re in a supermarket because of the pink boxing.
In 2012, T-Mobile is a good choice for a prepaid phone plan.
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