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Straight Talk is still a relatively new phone company but has become very popular in the world of prepaid. Straight Talk is exclusive to Walmart stores and the Straight Talk website the joint-venture program has prices that are hard to beat. There a few options when it come to connecting with Straight Talk. In fact there are 6 lots 30-day rate plans: a $30 limited plan and a $45 Unlimited text, web and minutes plan and a $60 Unlimited text, web and minutes plan plus International calls Also you can pay for more than 30 days and get some discount online at the company’s website.

  • $125.99 three-month unlimited plan.
  • $249.99 six-month unlimited plan.
  • $499 one year Unlimited plan.

The $30 "All You Need" plan which provides 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, free 411 and 30MB of data.
This base model plan, this is not available on all handset (Mainly smart phones)
Straight Talk is a Mobile Virtual Network operator (MVNO) from the Tracfone company like Net10 offering both CDMA and GSM phones.
The CDMA side of the network uses Verizon's or Sprint's CDMA 1xRTT wireless networks and the GSM phones are either T-Mobile's or AT&T's GSM networks.
Like other Tracfone companies the call centers are based overseas and can be hard to deal with at times. In 2010 Straight Talk released the Android OS operated Samsung Galaxy Precedent on the $45 Unlimited plan.
This was well received by the public and the company has since released two more Android based phones.
The other Android phones available are Samsung Galaxy Precedent and LG Optimus Black which can be used with $45 Unlimited plan and make use of the Sprint CDMA network aswell.
For more information visit Straight Talks website.

In the last few years Straight Talk has brought out about 45 phones that have been everything from the most basic phone like LG220C which has all the basic functions that you would expect from a cheap phone to the more expensive feature packed phone like the LG Optimus Black and the LG Optimus Q. So there is pretty much a phone for everyone’s needs.
So they pretty much have everyone covered with some sort of phone that will be good for their needs. Some of the most popular phones that Straight Talk has in the last few years have been phones with QWERTY keyboards. Many times a touch screen is just not a suitable phone for all folks.

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