Safelink Reviews

Safelink Reviews
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Safelink is a Tracfone company in conjunction with the US Government to provider free phones and service to some of America’s most needy people.
People that qualify are un-employed, low income or have a disability preventing them from working. These phones are not the latest and greatest but they do provide a phone service that is a means to an end for people that really need to be connected.
Currently Safelink doesn’t offer any smart phones, but this may change in 2013 -14.  The free phone program was initially setup during the Bush administration, and is often attributed to Barack Obama however this isn’t true. To find out if you qualify to get the Safelink phone service you can go to Safelink’s website or call to find more information.
Things to have ready when you apply for a free government phone, make sure you have all you identification and proof that you’re a US citizen also have proof of where you live and how much you earn or proof of unemployment.
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