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Net10 is a prepaid phone operator that is under the Tracfone group of companies. Their prepaid service is among the cheapest there is on the prepaid market.  Call centers operated out of the Philippines handle 90% of the call in regards to trouble shooting and activation. There are sometimes communications problems when people have difficulty understanding the representatives English.

NET10 prepaid uses the slogan is No Bills, No Contracts, No Evil. Both airtime cards and auto-pay plans called "Easy Minutes" are available. Time can be added using the phone itself ("Rapid Refill"), or at the company's Minutes from one month carry over to the next, as long as service remains active. NET10 offers business plans and international calling, and number portability.

They have a great range of phone from cell phones to smart phones; there is almost a phone for everyone’s needs.

The main plans that Net10 offers are as follows:

30-Day monthly plans

  • $50 Unlimited plan offers unlimited voice, text, mobile web, and 4-1-1 calls for a flat rate of US$50 a month on a nationwide network.

  • $25/750 Minutes plan offers 750 minutes of voice, text, mobile web, and 4-1-1 calls for a flat rate of US$25 a month.

Network coverage is on various networks such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. Depending on which phone you purchase the network will vary.

NET10 provides international calling options with the use of a toll-free number (US only) to make phone calls to many landlines in over fifty countries.

The International Neighbors plan allows NET10 customers to obtain up to three local telephone numbers in any of several Canadian or Mexican cities. These are forwarded to the NET10 customer in the United States at the standard rates.

For More information: Net10's Website

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