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Prepaid Fuel cards are a great way to track your gas/petrol budget when you’re not looking to carry cash on you or you simply want to pay for fuel quickly without having to run into the gas station to give cashier money.

No matter which fuel card you get, always read the terms and conditions before you invest in a card. Making sure the card works at all gas stations in a state under a particular brand also making sure it works out of state.

Typically Prepaid gas/fuel/petrol cards don’t work outside of the country they were intended for with the exception of some working in Canada and the United states. Fuel cards in counties like Australia will have some limits where they can be used at night.

Some Prepaid Fuel cards have rewards that give various incentives to use the cards; some examples of the rewards are free fuel and even percentages off purchases in store.

Another reason the people are using Fuel cards is because often when people pull up to a gas pump there can be individuals that might be looking for cash, using a fuel card is a good reason to not give these people cash.

In company situations when an employee is given cash to pay for fuel they can be tempted to keep the cash, giving them a prepaid fuel card will stop them in their tracks. So fleet card might be the best option here.

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