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Cricket has a good range of prepaid smart phones and cell phone products including USB internet sticks so you can connect you laptop on the go. Cricket does have some of its own networks towers but primarily uses the Sprint network for its 7 Million customers; also some of the MetroPCS network is also used. Cricket is also distributed under Radio Shack No Contract wireless

Cricket has been around a while in fact since 1999 and is a well-known prepaid provider. The Cricket phones on offer are cheap phones, with some under the $40 mark.

Depending on which plan you get you can pay for minutes and also Cricket has an unlimited plan that has brought back many the customers, but after 1GB of data the speed is said to be throttled to 56K speeds. Cricket has got many different plans, so investigate each one before you commit. Many of their cell phones can be placed on the $35 plan which gives unlimited talk and text.

Roaming on Cricket: Most of the Cricket plans are pretty useless because you have to pay $.025c per minute for roaming, and how often this phone needs to roam is anyone’s guess.  People have reported getting a phone and it is always roaming. Anything that is outside you zip will start things roaming on this plan. For a prepaid plan this plan has way to much fine print.

For more information: Cricket's Website

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