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Prepaid College as the name says is a way of paying for your college degree tuition in advance.

There are several advantages in taking this approach, the best by far is knowing you’re not in debt for the rest of your life, and the second is the fact you are not building up large amounts of interest from high interest rates that currently are in circulation.

The facts are that there are many colleges that will let you prepay for classes and this is a great option for people looking to get a degree completed when they don’t have a great credit score to get the loans needed to get a student loan. Many technical colleges and community colleges offer this way of paying for your degree.

Being debt free is good for your health and people that pay for their college degree in advance a far more likely to succeed. Working while doing your degree work hand in hand with the prepaid approach.

So if you’re looking for colleges look for one that offers prepaid.

One disadvantage of Prepaid University is you don’t build up a credit rating which might be a problem for those who have a zero rating and want to build up a score.

Immigrant workers nearly always take advantage of prepaid college as they can’t get loans from the government.

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