Assurance Wireless Review

Assurance Wireless Review
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Assurance wireless is another government assisted program aimed at helping those with low income and unemployment. The main difference with Assurance is it is partnered with Virgin Mobile, (Virgin Mobile uses the Sprint network) So given this you need to be aware that Sprint coverage is going to be a major factor where you can use your new phone.

The phones on offer are basic, similar to that of other government assisted services.  There are a range of plans that are available for people that qualify so once you’re in you have some choice of what kind minutes you have, they even have an unlimited plan for $30 a month.  These phones and plans are ideal for students that are using the phone for texting and chat.

If you after phone for using apps like a smart phone you can’t expect this service like any of the other Government free phones to fill this need. When you’re getting a free phone what does it matter?

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