Why Prepaid Phones are a good choice?

*Prepaid means Pay as you talk. Prepaid cell phone is a cell phone in which credit is purchased before the use of the services from any service provider. People can recharge with a top up voucher at any time depending on their use and budget. If the minimum credit or balance is not available or maintained then access to particular service is restricted by any service provider. You can check the balance on your number at any time by dialing the particular number of a particular service provider. You can also view the balance on your screen of your cell phone or get the balance as an SMS if provided by your service provider.

Prepaid phones give you complete freedom from paying monthly bills and opting for monthly or yearly plans where you are getting minimum minutes to use every month and if you exceed that limit you have to pay extra for them. You may talk more for one month and then talk less for a month. The remaining minutes used in one month are carried forward in another month so that your saved minutes are not wasted. If a person wants to change or switch over to another plan or service provider then he can easily do it on prepaid cell phones.


Advantages of Prepaid cell phones

  • Affordable and budget centric- Prepaid cell phones allows the users to have a complete control and freedom on the spending of their usage. Person can choose a top up voucher as per the needs without worrying about the bill payment

  • Children or teenage use- Prepaid cell phones keeps total control on the use of minutes or messages available on it. Many times we observe that teenagers make misuse of the cell phones by making fake calls or making prank on some friends which can put them into difficulty or serious problem if they call or send a message to unknown person. So prepaid phones keep complete control and also teach the children or teenagers to use the cell phones within budget and limit

  • Short term use- A person can buy and use prepaid phone when he is out of station or on a vacation and he wants to stay in contact when he is not in town. One can buy it and throw away after the use.

  • Trial use- If you are in a confusion as to which service provider and plan is most suitable for you then you can try a service provider and choose any of the plan and then use it for 2 or 3 months to see if it is suitable for you. If it satisfies your needs then you can continue with it otherwise you can change it if you like.

  • Convenience and flexibility- There are range and variety of plans available for any service provider in which you can get calls offer, message packs, internet usage packs etc. Prepaid phones give you complete flexibility to choose from a variety of plans

  • Prevent misuse- Some companies or businesses provide cell phone to its employees for its internal or company usage. So the employers can choose limited usage plans as per the requirement and recharge it for every employee. This will allow the employers to keep a check on the use of cell phones by their employees.



Prepaid cell phones are the best choice when you are looking for cost saving, convenience and flexibility. They allow you to avoid the worries of long and heavy phone bills, save teenagers from misuse and can also provide complete security in case your phone is lost or stolen. This makes the prepaid cell phones popular and the best choice among different users.

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